Win, Win – Help

We can all agree that the word ‘unprecedented’ is now being used in unprecedented amounts, I am not sure what other words we should use but just wanted to get that off my chest.Times are certainly different, and it’s obvious that all of us are changing many habits, which makes this new reality only more difficult. But luckily we are a nation of survivors with a long history of adapting and kicking hard against all odds.I read everyday acts of kindness from around the world, and although at times cynical with regards to the ‘socials’ being a reference point, it has been good to see so many people being just plain awesome.Restaurants, hotels, cafes and other hospitality businesses that are already doing it tough, digging deep and giving in their communities, adapting their businesses to be able to feed those most vulnerable, as well as looking after those that are giving the most at the moment.It’s a great thing to recognise people trying to do their best, more than ever we need lots more of it.Wine (in fact all beverages of your choice) share many moments of happiness, sadness and everything in between, and we note that our online wine sales recently have been supported a lot more, thank you. It is sincerely appreciated. As a small business, it means so much more than you may know.So, we started thinking, how do we support those other small businesses that are being equally challenged at the moment, and those that I guess we have an affinity with – we thought hospitality. It’s not been fun for any of them, and it’s common knowledge they were the first to take the hit.Being married to a restaurant owner I can assure you that every waking moment has been dedicated to working out how to keep the business open, keep paying ‘her hospo family’ and make sure that the business is still there when this whole reality is properly dealt with.So, adapt they have, many doing takeaway, or prepared meals or becoming bottle shops themselves. So, we thought as Penley we could do a little bit, and instead of just offering a discount to buy from us we could kill two birds with one stone.Buy wine from us, tell us your favourite restaurant that you usually enjoy or even aspire to go to one day, and we will buy a voucher for you, directly with the restaurant, so one day sooner or later, as a takeaway now or as a celebratory meal when we are all allowed out again.There are no special conditions to this, just think about how this will help someone in your local hospitality community, and how much this may help them for a moment.Enjoy our wine, enjoy it responsibly, but most importantly enjoy it with a local small business – now or later.

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